How to Use Traffic Shaper


Traffic Shaper :  is a computer network traffic management technique which delays some or all datagrams to bring them into compliance with a desired traffic profile. Traffic shaping is used to optimize or guarantee performance, improve latency, and/or increase usable bandwidth for some kinds of packets by delaying other kinds.

Bandwidth Management : Is the process of measuring and controlling the communications (traffic, packets) on a network link, to avoid filling the link to capacity or overfilling the link, which would result in network congestion and poor performance of the network.

 6-1-2015 11-32-27 AMThere are 2 kinds of Traffic Shaper on FortiGate Appliance:

  1. Shared : Means that all traffic that across the policy will be shared equally with the limit bandwith
  2. Per-IP : Means that IP that across the policy will be guarantee, so the policy will push all IP in the source interface to use certain bandwidth

**So if you want to make sure each user get their guarantee bandwidth use “Per-IP”, but if you want to manage per division bandwidth, use Shared IP.

1. Shared Configuration

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  • Name : <put your traffic shaper name>
  • “Per policy” for global policy or check “For All Policies Using This Shaper” for using this policy only if the policy demands it
  • Traffic Priority about QOS setting “Voice->Data->Ping”
  • Maximum Bandwidth for limit the bandwidth usage over the policy
  • Guaranteed Bandwidth if you have big bandwidth and want to separate it between policy
  • DSCP use for QOS, data see for DSCP setting
  1. Per-IP Configuration

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  • Name : <put your traffic shaper name>
  • Maximum Bandwidth for limit each IP source
  • Maximum concurrent connections use for limit the concurrent connection (max user use at the same time)
  • Forward DSCP use for forward QOS traffic
  1. In one of your policy, create or edit your policy and then check the traffic shaper

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6-1-2015 11-32-56 AM

** You can use customize the use of traffic shaper