How to Bypass Features Ironport


Ironport have many features including:

  • SBRS Score
  • Anti-Virus [need license feature key]
  • Anti-Spam [need license feature key]
  • Content Filter
  • Outbreak Filters [need license feature key]
  • DLP [need license feature key]


Look at the picture about outgoing and incoming features:

The default profile indicate that all the traffic that through firewall will be using the default profile that use several features in it

Features                                                                                                          .

We can bypass several domain by using different custom profile:

Step 1. Go to Ironport GUI -> Mail Policies -> incoming/outgoing mail policies

Mail Policies


Step 2. Go to new Outgoing/Incoming mail policies, and create the new custom profile

Add Policy

Step 3.  Add the mail policy profile, and insert it sequence before read the default policy flow

Outgoing Policies

Step 4. After the policy was added, click the features [anti-spam, anti-virus, content filters, oubreak filters or DLP] and disable it to customize new profile.

Disable Features

Step 5. The last thing to do, is commit the changes and test the traffic using the “Find Polocies” on the same page, and thest the mail flow